Ducted Fan EDF Schubeler DS-86-AXI HDS 120mm + HET 800-60-830 motor


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This combo Schübeler DS-86-AXI HDS 120mm equiped with the Typhoon HET 800-60-830 motor generates approx 5.9kg / 98A with 10S

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Weight (gr): 620 gr
EDF thrust (categorization) 5-6kg
Direction of Rotation (EDF Rotor) Classic Counter Clock Wize (CCW)
EDF Diameter Class (mm): 120
Blades: 10
Stators: 3
Turbine shroud Carbon
EDF Rotor Synthetic
No. of Magnet Poles: 4
Turns/min/Volt (Kv): 830 kv
Motor Type: In-Runner
Motor Diameter (mm): 50
Shaft diameter (mm): 8
Battery Cells: 10s - 37v

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Ducted Fan EDF Schubeler DS-86-AXI HDS 120mm + HET 7 HET 800-60-830 motor

This combo Schübeler DS-86-AXI HDS 120mm equiped with the Typhoon HET 800-60-830 motor generates approx 5.9kg / 98A with 10S

  Characteristics / LIPO  10S
 Voltage 37V
 Current 98A
 Power 3626W
 Thrust 5.9kg
 Controler >=120A / HV
 Recommended Battery   >= 4000mAh 35C 
The controller should be chosen 20% over rated due to the long lasting load.
LV = low voltage controller up to 6s, HV = high voltage controller above 6s.
Battery should be chosen about 15/ - 1/20 of the max current for 4-3 minutes WOT. 30-40 C is appropriate.
Note: this combo is provided assembled and balanced. You can also buy both the EDF unit and the motor separetly with us without the assembling and balancing service.
Note: The "Secure Fan Fix" system visible on some pictures not included. 
Note: Given performances have been measured with a fan equiped with an intake lip. Please refer to the "accessories" section on this page for the available options.

About the Schübeler DS-86-AXI HDS 90mm fan:


  • Max. RPM: 35500
  • Max. Power: 7500W
  • Max. Thrust: 101N
  • Max. Exhaust Speed: 99m/s
  • weight: 290g
  • Max. Motor Diameter 56mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 8mm g6

About the Typhoon HET EDF 800-60 Motor 50mm 830Kv

Typhoon HET 800-60 series brushless motors are designed for 110mm, 120mm and other fan units that demand the ultimate in performance.  The 800-60 series offers high power output for super large edf fan units. A 50mm diameter 8 pole with superb efficiency.


  • High Temperature magnets and stator wire
  • Hardened shaft
  • CNC precision parts
  • Dynamically balanced


  • Diameter : 50 mm 
  • Length : 60 mm
  • Shaft Dia. : 8 mm 
  • Weight : 385 grams 
  • Internal resistance: 10.4
  • KV : 830
  • No load current (lo): 2.3 
  • Max efficiency: 88% 
  • Poles : 8
  • Recommended advance timing : low (5-10°)
WARNING: securely attach the cooling ring to the motor before running the motor. In case of use with an EDF fan unit, strong air current could blow away the colling ring. Thermal paste usage is also recommended.
WARNING: Operating the motor outside of the specifications listed above can either damage the motor, battery or esc. It is important that these components are set up properly. Failure to do so can void the warranty. It is strongly encouraged to use a Watt Meter to test the watt and amp performance when setting up a new system. If the output is above the factory recommended specs, then it needs to be adjusted by the esc. The timing and throttle settings on the esc can help to set the appropriate levels.

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