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HERMIT 145mm Micro Quad FPV Racer BNF (Low latency version)


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HERMIT 145mm Micro Quad FPV Racer fully assembled (98g). Low latency analogic version specifically designed for FPV Racing.

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HERMIT 145mm Micro Quad FPV Racer fully assembled (98g). Low latency analogic version specifically designed for FPV Racing.

High quality micro racer FPV fully assembled with attention to details. Delivered bind and fly including the battery. You only have to bind the integrated DSM2 compatible receiver with your radio. This nano racer offers top quality equipment for your full satisfaction.

This micro quadcopter has been designed by FPV specialists to offer the best FPV experience. It's on board equipement has been selected with the aim of FPV Racing capabilities. This low latency analogic version eliminate any possible video lag. The flight control board is the Oversky 32, the best micro racers class available board onb the market. The 4 powerful brushless motors have been specifically manufactured to obtain the FPV Racing required performances.


Hermit 145 is a newly designed micro FPV quad copter, only 145mm motor to motor size can it fly in the narrower and confined space easily. Although it is very small, it can install a 5.8G video transmitter (VTX), an analog camera 120-angle lens, a flight control board integrated with receiver, GPS (option), OSD (option) and so on. Besides, you can adjust the distance of motor to motor through the frame, and the view angle of camera is adjustable too.


  • Weight: 67g (not including battery)
  • Flight weight: 98.0g (450mAh 25C 7.4V)
  • Flight time: 9 minutes (with 2S 450mAh 25C battery, VTX and DV on working)
  • Motor to motor distance: 145mm, 150mm, 155mm adjustable
  • View angle of camera is +/- 25° angle adjustable
  • Applied high efficiency brushless motor, its weight is 3g, KV is 4000
  • Applied micro 5.8G VTX (200MW) comes with clover antenna, only 6.0 grams
  • Analog 120° lens camera
  • Integrated with DSM2 compatible 7CH receiver


  • One set of Hermit 145 frame
  • MP03 brushless motor
  • 4 pcs (weight is 3g, 4000KV, with 1.5mm shaft)
  • Mu-3A ESC: 4 pcs2 sets of propeller (8 props)
  • One piece of MX-VTX-B with clover antenna
  • 120° lens analog camera
  • One piece of MX OVERSKY 32 flight control board (integrated with DSM2 7CH receiver, supports firmware of  BaseFlight and CleanFlight)
  • 1 pcs of 450mAh25C 7.4V battery


  • Your DSM2 compatible radio (or any other brand equiped with a DSM2 module)
  • FPV Googles
  • 2S Lipo charger

Additional information

  • The integrated DSM2 compatible 7CH receiver outputs data through the serial port;
  • It supports external receivers such as PPM, DSM2/DSMX, SUMD or SBUS (revert circuit needs to be added)
  • Suggested max flying weight should not be more than 120g for best performance.
  • The Hermit quadcopter was designed to be plug and play, no soldering required.
  • By default all flight modes are "Angle" self leveling. Add more flight modes via the BaseFlight/CleanFlight software.
  • Download your FC firmware to customize your settings (Hermit comes loaded with CleanFlight):

          Download CleanFlight Chrome App
          Download BaseFlight Chrome App

FPV 5.8GHz Tx Channel Selection:

TX Channels

Binding Operation:

  • Press the binding switch on the receiver (green LED is on), then power on the FC board, release the binding switch and the green LED on the receiver flashes quickly (the receiver enters binding mode);
  • Press the binding switch on the DSM2 transmitter and then turn on the power;
  • When the fast flashing LED on the receiver stops and changes to constant bright , it indicates the binding is successful. If it does not, please repeat the above process.

Arming the motors for flight:

  • Throttle to THR, Elevator to PITCH, Aileron to ROLL, Rudder to YAW
  • To Arm: Pull the throttle to 0, turn YAW to the right (1 second) (if it is still unlocking, please set range of YAW and THR to 120%, and check the channel direction and then try)

ESC Calibration:

Connect the assembled Hermit to Cleanflight GUI through USB, click connect (Attn: please don’t connect the battery yet, and for safety remove props);

Click the check mark from the motors option and pull up the Master slider to full. This will max the motor outputs to full at 1850.

Now connect the flight battery and as soon as you hear two beeps from the motors pull the Master slider down to 0.

A single confirmation beep will be heard confirming the calibration. You can now disconnect the battery and USB cable.

PID Settings that come pre-configured

Hermit PIDs

Hermit settings


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HERMIT 145mm Micro Quad FPV Racer BNF (Low latency version)

HERMIT 145mm Micro Quad FPV Racer BNF (Low latency version)

HERMIT 145mm Micro Quad FPV Racer fully assembled (98g). Low latency analogic version specifically designed for FPV Racing.


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