MGM 100063 X3-SERIES 1000-1400A ESC 5-15S OPTO


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The most powerful RC ESC ever made! Unlimited power for the most demanding projects.

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Max Intensity (A): 1400A
Electronic Speed Control 1000A
Battery Cells: 5s - 18.5v, 6s - 22.2v, 7s - 21.77v, 8s - 29.6v, 9s - 33.3v, 10s - 37v, 11s - 40.7v, 12s - 44.4v, 13s - 48.1v, 14s - 51.8v, 15s - 55.5v
Connection: Delivered without plug

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MGM X3-SERIES controllers are made to order. Options are also available upon request.

The X3-SERIES is the result of over 30 years of experience in ESC development. The newest ESCs are designed to be pushed to the limit = that's when they are most efficient. Just turn on the Keep-the-Limit function and break the records! X3-SERIES controllers have a much faster PC connectivity with our Controller 3 program finally available on Apple devices.

Successor to the now-legendary 40063 X2-SERIES, this ESC has grown by less than 1 inch in length (25mm) and added over 6kW of power - quite an impressive improvement, isn't it? Tried and tested in speedrunning, bashing, and high-speed RC boats!

Unleash the power, master the speed! 

Need unlimited power for your project? Look no more! Designed to handle 1000A continuous on 63V (15s battery) this ESC stands as the most powerful RC ESC ever made, worldwide! 

Industrial reliability

The 100063 X3-SERIES was developed on the basis of the industrial version of this ESC, which is supplied to our industrial customers under the MGM COMPRO brand. It has been modified to suit the most demanding RC models. The ESC came out as the most reliable MGM ESC yet! 

Why? Because we closely monitor phase currents! Phase currents, often higher than battery currents, are frequently responsible for controller failures. Through precise measurement and analysis, we allow the controller to handle overloads repeatedly, but safely! The cut-off phase current is set to 2000A! The ESC remains cool even under heavy loads, thanks to its industrial design and efficient cooling system, including a fan (available with water-cooling as well, contact us).

What's new? 

The X3-SERIES connects and retrieves data much faster than the previous generation. The new USBCOM6i PC module and CC_12 cables come with updated Controller 3 software (finally being available on MAC) with wireless connection and will soon support wireless connections and a mobile app.

The ESC can store multiple datalogs for up to 12.5 hours, eliminating the need to read and save data after each run. The cogging during acceleration has been reduced, achieving almost "sensored" performance while running sensorless motors. The ESC will automatically switch from sensored to sensorless mode if anything happens to your motor. (Battlebots team, we've got you covered).

Durable, practical design

100063 X3-SERIES has an industrial-standard design with cables on ring terminals and accessories on screw-down connectors. You can take off and on not just cables, but also capacitors bank easily.


Telemetry (real-time back data transfer)
Real-time Monitoring (PC or other device)
Internal Data Logger (data recorder)
Max. phase current 1400A
Operating voltage 12 - 63 V
Continuous current 1000A
Number of cells 5-15
Max. RPM 200000


  • MGM 100063 X3-Series
  • Motor temperature sensor
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • PWM cable
  • Telemetry cable (compatible with JETI, Graupner, and Futaba telemetry!)
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Special coating of all PCBs for humidity protection

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