Ducted Fan EDF JETFAN-120 eco Ejets + HET 800-60-535


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Ejets Jetfan

This combo is equiped with the Typhoon HET 800-60-535kv and generates 5.2kg / 67A with 12S and 7,6kg / 90A with 14S.

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Data sheet

Length (mm): 90
Weight (gr): 333
EDF thrust (categorization) 5-6kg, 6-8kg
Direction of Rotation (EDF Rotor) Classic Counter Clock Wize (CCW)
EDF Diameter Class (mm): 120
EDF Outside Diameter (mm): 123.5
EDF Inner Diameter (mm) : 120
Rotor Diameter (mm): 118.8
Blades: 11
Turns/min/Volt (Kv): 535
Motor Type: In-Runner
Motor Diameter (mm): 50
Shaft diameter (mm): 8
Battery Cells: 12s - 44.4v, 14s - 51.8v

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This combo is equiped with the Typhoon HET 800-60-535kv and generates 5.2kg / 67A with 12S and 7,6kg / 90A with 14S.

 Caracteristics / LIPO 12S 14S
 Voltage 44.5v 53.5v
 Current 67.5 A 90.1 A
 Power 3007 W 4818 W
 Thrust 5.25kg   7.1kg
 Controller  >=85A / HV  >=110A / HV
 Recommended battery (measured with Hacker 5800mAh  >=3000mAh 35C    >=4000mAh 35C  

The controller should be chosen 20% over rated due to the long lasting load.
LV = low voltage controller up to 6s, HV = high voltage controller above 6s.
Battery should be chosen about 15/ - 1/20 of the max current for 4-3 minutes WOT. 30-40 C is appropriate.
Note: this combo is provided assembled and balanced. You can also buy both the EDF unit and the motor separetly with us without the assembling and balancing service.

About the Ejets JETFAN 120 eco EDF Unit:

The brand new impeller Jetfan-120 ECO was developed by EJETS for the 120mm EDF class. The basic design is towards average beam speed with very good static thrust. Since the jet models in this class are becoming ever larger and therefore heavier a powerful and fast start-up is very important. The mean jet velocity also allows large-scale and fast flying over the airspace. The requirement of customers for a little more "punch and audible turbine noise" We achieve this through more leaves and the lowering of the speed. Thus we again have a distinctive sound, and were able to suppress the unpleasant high frequencies. 

EJETS have also paid particular attention the 50mm internal rotor motors up to 52mm outer rotors can be installed. 

The weight of the Jetfan-120 ECO is around 333 gr, with achievable thrust of about 10 kilos at even normal currents it is the only ones in this class. JETFAN Ducted fans are already balanced.


  • Length : 90mm
  • Rotor diam.: nc
  • Indisde diam.: 119.8mm
  • Outside diam.: 123.6mm
  • For: 12-14s Lipo (44.4v to 51.8v)
  • Input 12 power: 3000-7500 watts
  • Max RPM: nc
  • max static thrust: plus de 10kg
  • Rotor: 11 blades
  • Weight: 333g
  • Motor housing: accepts 50-52mm DIA motors
  • Shaft adaptor: accepts a 8mm DIA motor shaft

About the Thyphoon HET 800-60-535 motor:

Typhoon HET 800-60 series brushless motors are designed for 110mm, 120mm and other fan units that demand the ultimate in performance.  The 800-60 series offers high power output for super large edf fan units. A 50mm diameter 8 pole with superb efficiency, recommended for the Ejets Jetfan 120mm.


  • High Temperature magnets and stator wire
  • Hardened shaft
  • CNC precision parts
  • Dynamically balanced

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter : 50 mm 
  • Length : 60 mm
  • Shaft Dia. : 8 mm 
  • Weight : 400 grams 
  • Internal resistance: 10.4
  • KV : 535
  • No load current (lo): 2.3 
  • Max efficiency: 88% 
  • Poles : 8
  • Recommended advance timing : low

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