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Upgrade list for metal wheels with brakes  and nose wheels

Click on the arrows to see the product page

Click on the arrows to see the corresponding product.

All our wheel are cnc made with quality aluminium and our tyres and made of rubber. Tyres are sold separately on this store.

Wheels with brakes are delivered by pair and with a controller.

Contact us if your plane is not listed 




AVIATION DESIGN E-Scorpion>>>>>>
E-FLITE Havoc>>>>>>
FLIGHTLINE B-24 Liberator 2.0m >>>
FLIGHTLINE OV-10 Bronco 1.4m>>>>>>
FLIGHTLINE P-38L 1.6m>>>>>>
FMS Super Scorpion 90mm>>>>>>
FREEWING A-4E/F 80mm>>>>>>
FREEWING A-10 twin 80mm >>>
FREEWING Avanti S 80mm>>> 
FREEWING F-4 90mm>>>>>>
FREEWING F-4D 90mm>>>>>>
FREEWING F-5 80mm>>>>>>
FREEWING F-14 90mm>>>>>>
FREEWING F-15E 90mm>>> 
FREEWING F-16C 90mm>>>>>>
FREEWING F-18C 90mm>>>>>>
FREEWING F-22 90mm>>> 
FREEWING F-86 80mm>>>>>>
FREEWING F-104 90mm>>>>>>
FREEWING JAS-39 80mm>>>>>>
FREEWING MIG-21 80mm>>> 
FREEWING Mirage 2000 80mm>>> 
FREEWING Stinger 90mm>>> 
FREEWING T-45 90mm>>>>>>
SEBART Mini Avanti S 90mm>>>>>>
SEBART Mini MB-339 90mm>>>>>>
SEBART Mini L-29 90mm>>>>>>
SEBART Mini Hawk 90mm>>>>>>
Soon available:  
FREEWING AL-37 twin 70mm  
FREEWING L-39 90mm  
FREEWING MIG-29 80mm  
FREEWING T-33 90mm